CDR: Aural Hypnox AHCDR01 [2005]
Ltd x 100

Menstrual Skull Consumed
Seize The Flaming Droplets
Let The Sun Become Your Eye

"Triangle of Nebula - Devourers" is the first CDR release…which I assume they mean to continue with….from the Aural Hypnox record label and the second release to be reviewed from Aeoga this month. Actually available in the first 40 copies of the box set edition of their release "Zenith Beyond the Helix-Locus" and limited to just 100 copies overall!!

I’m on one now so am going to gripe at Aural Hypnox. Those of a nervous disposition please go straight to the next paragraph. Aural Hypnox…great label…fabulous releases…the "Zenith..." recording was incredibly brilliant…superb sound sculptures / structures from this blinding act Aeoga…so why in Gods name have you decided to release this CDR in quantities that low is unfathomable to these ears. Aeoga deserve better. The buying public deserve better. Your decision is absurd at best. Sorry…but the truth hurts. All you’re going to achieve is for some fucked up mong to copy it then make money out of it selling it at inflated prices to fans who couldn’t get a copy in the first place. Honestly this beggars belief on your part. Enough said.

The three tracks on "Triangle of Nebula - Devourers" carry on in the same musical tradition from "Zenith...". The usual eclectic mix from this Finnish act who take music into another dimension completely. In fact…fuck it…read the bloody "Zenith..." review [read review here]. Everything written there stands firm here…only substitute fifteen tracks for three. Totally blinding meditative music for the soul and an excellent companion piece to "Zenith..." but by the time you read this they will have all sold out thus negating this review to totally useless. Why bother going into the way they structure the quality field recordings and manipulate the electronics…even throwing in a tribal drumming rhythm…throwing out these abstract patterns when you won’t be able to get a copy. All I can suggest is you find that fucking mong ASAP. And that is…enough said.


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