CD: Aural Hypnox AH02 [2004]

Coav I
Coav II
Coav III
Coav IV
Coav V
Coav VI
Coav VII

This is the second full length album release by Aural hypnox, following the excellent Halo Manash debut. Aeoga is a duo from Finland, and in this they have an excellent debut album. Very reminiscent of Maeror tri, but with a darker element to it.

'Coav I' opens and delivers rich dark ritualistic type drone with good use of bells, gongs and vocal effects. Troum-like guitar generated soundscapes start to emerge. The rhythm and melody move along quite quickly, keeping the listeners attention. 'Coav II' emerges from the subsiding guitar drone from track 1, giving way to an eerie whistle with vocal samples. Guitar effects are then subtly added to create faint melody. 'Coav III' opens with a more grating sound. Again there is good use of gongs and guitar textures. 'Coav IV' opens with ritualistic chanting and some clever percussive work, including gongs. The track builds continually with a developing drone undercurrent generated by distorted guitar soundscapes. This is a very powerful yet, in places, melodic track. It slowly decays and leads perfectly into the next one. This opens with some high frequency oscillations and gentle percussion. Vocal effects are again prominent here. This is another dark and sinister track consisting mainly of vocal and guitar generated done-scape with additional percussion. Very nice. 'Coav VI' is a light and eerie track generated with high frequency guitar soundscapes. As the track develops, some rhythm is supplied by industrial pulses of rhythm in the background. The track slowly becomes more intense as the delicate melodies evolve. 'Coav VII' opens with a monotone drone. Again this develops into an eerie soundscape using vocal and guitar generated effects. Underneath the creepy guitar melody a deep cavernous drone, reminiscent of Maeror Tri. Additional grating percussion sounds develop, sweeping from side to side of the stereo. As the creepy melody fades, the underlying drone develops a stronger sense of melody, with faint tribal rhythms accompanying it. This tribal rhythm develops into a more industrial beat, as the drone continues underneath. The creepy melody finally makes a return, allowing the percussion to retreat. Fantastic track. The final section 'Coav VIII' starts with a gentle melody only for guitar samples and percussion rhythm to disrupt it. This continues but eventually leading to a change of rhythm, still industrial-like. The guitar soundscapes decay leaving a high frequency monotone as the rhythm dies.


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