Benefits Of Doing Building Inspections As A Seller

If you are planning to sell your building, you should make sure that you are selling a property that will offer value to the buyer. It is bad business practice in the property industry if you list a building that is substandard for sale in the market. To ensure that your home is perfect, it is advisable to carry out home inspection. You might not find as if it is worth doing the inspection, but it might be a great step towards ensuring that your house fetches a good price. To assist you to gain more understanding on this, look at these benefits of doing building inspections as a seller.

Boost confidence of your potential buyers

When you list your house for sale, there are many things you might be asked to produce either by your preferred agent or potential buyers. One of the things they will not forget to ask you to show them is the inspection report. Most buyers will ask for the inspection report so that they can have an understanding of the actual condition of the house they are about to invest their money. If you do not have the report, you can be sure that most of them will not be willing even to go and have a look at your home. With the inspection report, the buyers will gain confidence with your building and will be willing to enter into a negotiation that might make them buy it at a price quoted. Doing building inspection is a great way to attract a lot of bids for your home.

Help you do the right repairs

Your building inspector will check at the condition of your house and show if there are some of the areas that require to be repaired or renovated before you can list the home to potential buyers. This will help you fix and make your home more attractive to the potential buyers. You might spend little money doing the repairs, but this might lead to an increased value of your entire home. You should also keep in mind that your reputation might be adversely affected if you list a building that has a lot of fixtures or parts that are damaged. If you try to sell another home in the future, buyers might see the negative reviews given, making them hesitant to bid for your home.

It is a requirement

There are areas whereby before your building can be listed in the property market, you are supposed to present an inspection report prepared by an accredited inspector. Thus, you do not have any other option than to ensure that your house is inspected so that you meet the rules and regulations set in the industry. If you try to use shortcuts and have your present your home for sale with the report, you might end up being fined or penalised. This adds to the cost because you will also be required to do the inspection.

The building inspection will cost you some money, but it might allow your building value to go up beyond your expectations.

Qualities To Look For In Building Inspectors

When performing building inspections, you have the option to do it yourself or hire Jim’s Building Inspections services. The most desirable way is to work with a licensed inspector with the right skills on how the job should be done. To get a reliable and comprehensive report, you need to only entrust the task to a professional inspector with the right qualities. Here are the conditions you need to look for in a good building inspector.


A good inspector should have the right skills for conducting a thorough inspection and creating a comprehensive report. They should also have the right communication skills to explain all the issues in your building in an effective manner and ensure you have a good working experience with them. The right problem-solving skills will provide the right solutions to the problems they detect in your building. Besides these skills, they should have the accreditation and certifications that show they are qualified and can be trusted to deliver a great review of your building. The high qualifications help them detect defects in your structure and present the right solution.

Skilled Inspectors


It is good that you work with an inspector who observes high-level honesty in their work because you need to have a report that gives you the actual condition of your building. It is good that you know the actual state of your building so that you can understand its value. An honest inspection process will also help you identify the areas that require to be repaired or replaced to make your building meet the right standards. You need to work with a building inspector who does not fear to tell you that your property is in bad condition.


You do not want to work with an inspector who will take days or even weeks before they can provide you with a comprehensive report of the building inspection process. So you should check their previous working records to understand the level of efficiency they demonstrate in their work. The best way to understand this is to ask them to provide you with references of their past clients so that you can inquire how they work. Make sure to ask for referrals from other building owners who have carried inspections before too.

Why you need Regular Building Inspections

Whether you own a commercial or a residential property, you need to conduct regular inspections to ensure it is in good condition. Conducting periodic inspections on a property is very necessary because you will be safeguarding the lives of the inhabitants and also saving yourself from damages and other losses. Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, there are several other reasons as to why you need regular building inspections. Properties naturally start to develop problems as time goes by.

However, some issues and defects may not be apparent to your untrained eye. Since you are not able to detect technical defects on your building, it is important to hire a professional to conduct inspections on regular basis. Below are some of the reasons why you need to conduct regular inspections on your property.

Reduce the risk of fire

Most building catch fires because they owner takes a lot of time to inspect them. Electrical fires can cause loss of property and even life. A professional building inspector conducts a critical scrutiny of the gas system and general wiring of the house. The inspection is crucial because they will be able to detect defects and recommend repairs. Proper electrical testing and inspection will definitely reduce the risk of property fires. Inspection is very important and this is what most properties that have suffered fires lack.

Earn peace of mind

Another reason as to why you need to conduct regular building inspections is to earn peace of mind. The lasting thing you want is stress from the authorities highlighting your house because it does not meet the civil authority requirements. Regular building inspections are very important since you will be certain about the state of your property. When the authorities come to check the poorly constructed or maintained houses, your houses will not be marked. This will earn you peace of mind. The regular inspection reports are also important for the buyer who wants to buy your house.

Avoid cracking

Regular inspections on a building are very important since they help the owner to avoid interior and exterior cracks. Cracks can literally occur on any part of the building. The cracks can occur even on parts that are invisible. Some of these parts cannot be seen by the unqualified individual. To detect hidden cracks in the building, it requires a specialized individual with special tools. Some of the parts that cannot be seen by our naked eye are the parts of the slab, exterior and interior parts of the wall and the foundation.

Prolonged settlement can also cause invisible cracks that may cost you a lot of money and even cause loss of lives. An experienced building inspector can detect substantial cracks that can cause damage to your home. Ignoring the cracks can potentially cause the collapsing of walls, roofs, ceilings, and flooring.